> Location and Description of Pleasley Parish

The area of Pleasley Parish Council includes Pleasley, New Houghton, Pleasley Vale and Stoney Houghton. The parish is situated between the nearby towns of Chesterfield and Mansfield and is approx 8 km south east of Bolsover, Derbyshire and 4 km north west of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Pleasley Parish is within the area of Bolsover District Council and is part of Derbyshire County Council. The River Meden forms part of the boundary between Derbyshire County Council and Nottinghamshire County Council and is also part of the Parish boundary.

Until 1983 when the pit closed Pleasley/New Houghton was a mining village. Hi-tec businesses have since moved into a business park in nearby Pleasley Vale on the site of the former Pleasley Vale Cotton Mill (latterly Courtaulds). During demolition of the mine it was realised that the pit winding engines were the only pair of such engines left and the former mine is now a museum. The spoil heaps have been turned into a nature reserve, complete with large ponds, cycling and walking tracks.

What we do

County Council and Nottinghamshire County Council and is also part of the Parish boundary.

Parish Councils have a wide range of statutory obligations and permissive powers.

Set out below are the main functions of the Council:

- Owns/leases, maintains and operates the Verney Institute and New Houghton Community Centre
- Owns and maintains two recreation grounds complete with play areas
- Owns and maintains two allotment sites
- Owns and maintains a cemetery in Pleasley
- Is responsible for the bus shelters in the Parish
- Is responsible for roadside seats in the Parish
- Works closely with the District and County Councils to establish services in the Parish
- Employs a litter picker helping to keep the Parish litter free
- Comments on planning applications

Responsible for the proper running of the affairs of the Parish Council and representing all parts of the community